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Why Custom Clothes?


 12 Threads Custom Clothiers offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the fashion industry.

 As a 12 Threads business owner, you will be involved in the prestigious high-end clothing market with the ability to create your own customer base, find corporate partnerships and market to a wide variety of people and companies.

I, Miguel Ascencios, started 12 Threads in 2003 with the goal of providing affordably priced custom-made clothing to generations of people who have never experienced the luxury and convenience of tailor made clothing. 12 Threads prides itself on exceptional Quality, Comfort and Fit at prices comparable to off-the-rack clothes. We also offer dozens of package deals and regular specials to help make the shopping experience more rewarding for both the customer and you, the Style Consultant.

You do not need to have any sewing experience.

  • Work from Home or Office
  • While clothing design is an essential part our business, you will find that the key to success in this business is building a steady customer base as quickly as possible. 12 Threads has several plan to help with these efforts.

The benefits would include:

  • Access to all of our thousands of fabrics.
  • 12 Threads website and email support.
  • Extension on our Nationwide Toll Free 888 number.
  • On site visit(s) by 12 Threads professionals
  • Full training
  • Full set of marketing materials
  • And, of course, you will have full access to us for any questions, comments or advice.

Miguel Ascencios, Owner.

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