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12 Threads Modern Shirt Designs

1) The Milano:

A shirt designed after the Milanese Business man. A focal point of the contemporary stylish dresser, "The Milano" embodies a sleek, tapered fit that commands attention.

- Spread Collar (Choose the I-Bankerís Style* or Standard)
- French Cuff with Angled edges
- Fly Front with Hidden Buttons
- No Pockets
- Sewn Box Pleat - Adds style without extra bulk.

*I-Bankerís Style uses White Collar and White Cuffs.

2) The London:
Classic British styling is making a big comeback! Wear this shirt with a Full Windsor Knot and feel like a member of the Royal Family. "The London's" style is perfectly matched with a custom made suit.

- Full Spread Collar (Choose the I-Banker's Style* or Standard)
- French Cuff with Rounded edges
- Placket Front Buttons Showing
- No Pockets
- Side pleats

*I-Bankerís Style uses White Collar and White Cuffs.

3) The Paris:
Taken straight from boutiques along la Rive Gauche, "The Paris" can be worn without a tie and works great with a suit or jeans. A perfect match for the man with too many work shirts, "The Paris" is truly a versatile garment.

- Straight Collar
- 2-Button Vertical Cuff with Angled corners
- Placket front Buttons Showing
- 1 Standard Pocket
- Back Side Pleats

4) The New York:
As the "Melting Pot" of the world, it is no surprise that the Big Apple is at the forefront of Men's style in this country. The cuff on this shirt is truly unique; It allows the owner the option to wear cufflinks or not. Choose the impressive tapered or fitted fit to really set this shirt apart from all others in your closet.

- Spread Collar
- 2-Button Convertible Cuff with Angled Corners
- Fly Front Hidden Buttons
- No Pockets
- Plain Back


Liven up any striped shirt design using one of our trademark bias-cut designs to add a new dimension to your style. Feeling adventurous? Try these cuts with some of windowpane and multi color stripe fabrics for unique designs you won't see anywhere else.

BC1 - The Classic Striped Shirt
The vertical lines are great for slimming for everyday life.
BC2 - The Diagonal Slash Shirt
An aggressive cut not to be taken lightly.
BC3 - The VEE Shirt
An attention magnet.
BC4 - The Saw Tooth
Have fun!

Want to see more? 12 Threads has so many styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

We only look our best when you look your best! 12 Threads takes extra time to make sure that your garments are exactly what you want.