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Why Custom Clothes?


The following guidelines were put together to ensure that each customer receives the best possible fit as well as to ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefits from your custom clothing selections.

What to Wear to a Fitting

  • Wear your best fitting slacks. Avoid wearing jeans.
  • A close fitting T-shirt or shirt.
  • Shoes for your suit or slacks
  • A watch or other accessories that might affect clothing.

What to Bring to a Fitting

  • Favorite suits, shirts, slacks, etc. Even if you don't want to copy an existing item, this helps our Style Consultants understand your current fit.
  • Pictures of desired styles. We carry a large selection of catalogs, but feel free to bring your ideas.
  • Ideas about desired fabrics íV Light for summer? Want to be noticed or blend-in??
  • An understanding of how the clothing will be used (e.g., business meetings, casual dress, formal occasions, etc.)